Panda Garden Restaurant

Panda Garden Restaurant

Panda garden restaurant is one of the top Chinese restaurants in North America, It was started almost 20 years ago. The restaurant has now spread to very many different parts of North America, in fact it has spread to almost every American state. The expansion has however not interfered with the quality of the service. They say the older you get the wiser you become, panda garden has really kept growing.

The panda garden majorly specializes in Hunan cuisine but you can also have the typical menu. Hunan is a type of Chinese cuisine mostly found in the Xiang River, Dongting Lake and in western Hunan province of is especially known for the fresh food and colours that pop from the dishes because of the fresh ingredients used.

Even though the restaurant has changed ownership in the past, the quality of the food and the customer service is top notch, just as before. The owners of the Panda Garden know that the restaurant world is a stage and all the actors are trying to act out their parts and therefore at panda Garden you get world class service at a cost lower than you would have in most of the other restaurants. Some of the ways I feel that they’ve actually put in so much effort are;

Panda Garden Restaurant

Panda Garden Restaurant


Customer service is one of the most important factors to all the staff at the Panda Garden restaurant. So important it is to them that they’ve been severally applauded for their kindness, and how fast they tend to their customers.

Clients have also noted how they were helped especially when they went to the restaurant with their young ones. The quality of the food is also very good which ensures that they have very many repeat clients some going as far as 10 years or more.


  • Menu

Fresh and full of colour is the sight that meets your eye when you look at the sumptuous dishes being served at the panda garden. From the soups and the appetizers to the vegetables and different types of meat plus the fried rice, noodles and the sea food. Panda garden has something delicious for everyone.

The branches might be many but they have some house specialties that you only get to enjoy fully at the panda garden. Most of the people who visited say that the orange chicken is like no other. Try General Tso’s chicken or the sesame chicken or even baby eggplant with chicken and shrimp. Another house speciality is Happy family, this has sliced pork, chicken, and beef with broccoli, snow peas, green and red peppers, water chestnuts, and mushrooms in brown sauce.

Whatever you order at the panda garden they usually serve with some soup, a little rice and egg rolls.

  • Ambience

The cool and relaxed atmosphere at the panda garden is one of its strongest points, when you want to have your meal in a very relaxed place, and just get that homely feel, the panda garden is the place you should go to. It has a home away from home feel that relaxes the mind and lets you just settle down and enjoy your meal.

The restaurant is also children friendly. It values the young customers just as the older ones who go with them, and therefore it’s one of the best places you can go with your children when you need a break from home.

  • Hours

Most of the panda garden restaurants open at11:00am and close at 10:00pm during the weekdays and during the weekends they open at 11:00am and close at 10:30pm. Of course this is according to your particular time zone. The operation time is scheduled in such a way that whether you want to have an early or a late lunch you can comfortably do so and also for those days you want to eat out in the evening, it is still possible.

Before visiting it is advisable that you make reservations by phone just so that you are not left hanging without a table, which will obviously cause you a lot of inconvenience.

In case you don’t have enough time to get to the restaurant, don’t worry, you can order online and get your food just the same as it would have been at the restaurant.


  • Locations

Panda garden has grown and currently has 75 branches spread across the United States and in Canada. You can visit panda garden in the following states;


California ———-2 branches


Florida————–7 branches


Iowa—————–2 branches

Idaho—————–2 branches

Illinois—————-2 branches

Indiana—————2 branches


Massachusetts——2 branches



Nebraska————–3 branches

New Jersey————2 branches

New Mexico

New York————–17 branches


Pennsylvania———–6 branches

South Carolina———4 branches



Virginia ——————6 branches


Wisconsin—————-4 branches

West Virginia————2 branches

Ontario in Canada has one branch.

  • Cons

Panda Garden like any other business that has been around for a long period of time, has had its fair share of ups and downs, that’s why you might find some negative reviews online.  Maybe you visited when things weren’t doing well doesn’t mean that every day is a bad day there. There are actually more positive reviews than the negative once. The only way to know is to actually visit and see the kind of service you get, the quality of the food you are served and also the hygiene level at the restaurant.

  • Conclusion

You don’t have to go to china to feel the Chinese atmosphere, and you certainly don’t have to sell your arm and leg to be able to afford to dine at the panda garden. It’s all within your reach and means. Come have a taste of China, come have a taste of taking the freshest foods, come and have a taste of a world class service, if you can’t come the Panda Garden is more than ready to take and send your orders wherever you are.